About Me

Hello! I am a person who stutters, an English foreign fanguage teacher, and a PhD student at the University of Valencia. My research is into the experiences of students who stammer in foreign language classes. I have presented my research at a number of international academic conferences.

I am a member of both the British Stammering Association and La Fundación Española de la Tartamudez. I consider myself a stuttering advocate and I enjoy talking about stammering in an open and honest way. I believe by opening up the conversation we can help explain to people who do not stutter what is it like to stammer and help those who do.

I have the pleasure to be among a number of hosts on the online platform Stutter Social.
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I want to improve and promote foreign language learning for students who stutter. I previously found language learning very difficult but I am now an advanced speaker of Spanish.

On this page, you will find some of the work I have done in the form of publications and talks. I am always happy to discuss any matters related to stuttering and foreign language learning and teaching, you can contact me here by email or on twitter.