Talk for teachers at Universidad Jaume I

I was delighted to be invited to give a talk at the Universidad Jaume I and on February the 15th I made the trip north from Valencia to to Castellón to speak to teachers and students from the Humanities and Social Sciences faculty.

I discussed how and why stuttering manifests itself and some general guidelines regarding how interact with people who stutter. Many attendees had no idea how best to interact with people who stutter and it felt good to let a few more people know that  finishing people’s sentences can be counter productive!

Later on we discussed the specific context of university classes and I drew upon my PhD research to highlight the particular challenges that subjects taught in a foreign language could hold for students who stutter.

After my presentation we had a lively and stimulating discussion about oral assessment and classroom participation. It was fascinating to hear attendees recount their experiences of teaching students who stutter. It was clear that many of them were very concerned about stimulating students to reach their potential, but at the same time were unsure about best to go about helping students.

I left with very positive sensations. I hope that I continue to have the opportunity to discuss stuttering in these kind of situations.